2018 Honda PCX 150 Price and Reviews- Following having a revamp in 2015, the PCX150 from Honda continues strong in the scooter market, now with a bigger engine, a sportier look and a larger capacity gas tank. Originally developed, designed and created in Asia, the PCX was popular as a commuter motorcycle that offered extra-value-added in luxury feel and performance. Marketed in Europe where riders appreciate scooters for their ease of use, the PCX gained recognition and Honda soon noticed the fact of having a truly global type of scooter. Prior to 2013, the PCX came with a 125 cc engine and the 1. 6-gallon energy tank. Using a make-over in 2013, the PCX125 provided way to the PCX150 and a fresh chapter in the globally produced Honda scooter premiered.

2018 Honda PCX 150 Price and Reviews

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Taking a look at the two side by side, We are struck by the similarities. They both seem to be to follow along with an almost insect-like, alien flow. No question there are some streamlined considerations there, but the Smax creates more of a cockpit for the rider with its large windscreen. The screen comes attached to standoffs, so airflow in the backside of the screen relieves the vacuum and eases some of the buffeting impact.

2018 Honda PCX 150 Price and Reviews

2018 Honda PCX 150 Price and Reviews

As a result, motorcyclists can anticipate a more soothing ride from the Smax if prolonged stretches at speed are part of your commute. Yamaha supports to a look around the waist with a complete step-through and flat deck, so the SMax comes with that extra little cargo space between the rider’s feet.

There is not much to choose between the two in the engine department. Sure, Honda just came away with a nifty new 153 cc mill, but the 155 cc Phazer also runs a water-jacketed engine with fuel treatment and electronic ignition, and both companies have a reputation for producing sound small motors. Red Motorcyclists do get a tiny triumph in mileage; while the PCX150 claims 100 miles per gallon, the SMax falls a little short at only 81 mpg, significant for engines with so much in common.

The peel off stickers are almost close enough to help you suspect some huge scooter conspiracy of price fixing. Yamaha lets go of the SMax for $3, 699, but Honda pared that down a little further with $3, 599 for the ’18s.

He Stated
My spouse and fellow writer, USTVARI Hinton, says, “A little too buggish for my taste, with a lttle bit too much swoopage. I favour my scooters to appear like scooters, and at some point you have to ask yourself if you should be looking at buying an appropriate motorcycle instead when you already know the scooter-esque design characteristics. Sorry Honda, really not feeling it with this. “

She Said
“I prefer the more traditional-looking scooters, not so much the sport-bike-wanna-be look, but the PCX150 is an excellent little ride. Fuel overall economy is noteworthy, especially for a 153 cc engine. I put it head-to-head with the Smax, however for a scooter, I might actually prefer the Puncture Soho that is included with 16-inch tires. “

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